Let’s talk about loneliness

Loneliness can effect many people during their lives. Typically these feelings are quite brief, however, if those feelings of loneliness progress and you begin to isolate more and more it could be a sign of chronic loneliness.

By finding ways to reduce our loneliness we can protect our mental health and well-being. We’d encourage you to talk about it, it’s OKAY to speak about it. By opening up to someone you can trust whether it be a friend, family member, support group or a therapist, you are taking the first steps to address the issue.

The effects loneliness can have on our physical and mental health:
  • Poor sleep routine
  • More likely to become depressed
  • More likely to use misuse alcohol or drugs
  • Weight gain
  • Less likely to exercise
  • Immune system weakens
  • More likely to have poor heart health
  • Your memory and focus may be begin decrease

To make a difference it starts with YOU. To begin, start reaching out in small achievable ways, build a support system around you.

This could be through –
  • Face to face support groups
  • Online meetings
  • Social gatherings
  • Exercise classes
  • Hobbies

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If you’re struggling with addiction from alcohol or drugs

At Steps Together, we know that recovering from an addiction is not easy. We also know that it is possible, and it is worth every second. It might sound like a cliché but recognising that you have a problem is the first step that you should be proud of taking. Deciding to make a positive change is half the battle.

Seeking professional help offers the only long-term solution to any addiction. Your GP can also offer advice and refer you to support groups in your area. Having someone to encourage and support you during the hard times will be invaluable to your recovery.

How Steps Together can help you or a loved one

Alcohol or drug addiction doesn’t discriminate, the disease of addiction affects people of all ages, gender, races and social classes. There are stigmas associated with people suffering with addiction which could hinder people from getting the right help. But at Steps Together we can help you make that first step towards recovery! A healthier life and freedom from addiction.

At Steps Together we offer a range of treatment and support services that can be tailored to your needs and ensure you gain the help you need. We have three stages of treatment and support.

If you would like further information about alcohol addiction please click here. Or speak to one of our friendly treatment advisors today on 0330 175 7031.