First Phase Primary Residential

How we will beat your addiction together

Established in 2017, our established range of Private Residential Treatment Centres offer a winning combination of Clinical Detoxification and Therapy Services, providing anyone experiencing difficulty with addiction with a truly holistic approach to their recovery.

Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Steps Together’s Residential Services offer the most effective and safe treatment programmes, in our welcoming and homely residential treatment centres. From our home cooked food, to our expert teams, we work hard to ensure that everyone received the best possible care, support and treatment during their stay at Steps Together.

Entering residential care is a big step and can feel very daunting for many people and their families. At Steps Together we work hard to ensure that our residential services embrace these fears and work hard to ensure our clients feel at home from day one.

If you are suffering with addiction to alcohol or drugs, you will know by now it can be difficult to treat without the right help and support around you. At Steps Together, we have therapists who specialise in addiction recovery who will set empowering goals to help you achieve short and long term sobriety. This helps with rebuilding damaged relationships, to release any guilt you may feel and to accept responsibility for your alcohol or drug addiction.

Steps Together also deliver multi-sensory groups including Holistic Therapies such as Art Therapy and Music Therapy. Our 12 step approach incorporates in-house and community self-help support such as AA/NA/CA/SLAA groups. Our SMART groups promote self-empowering skills to help build and maintain motivation for recovery enabling clients to cope with urges, regulate thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We also use A.C.T acceptance and commitment training, all of these interventions result in maintaining an abstinence lifestyle.

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