Outpatient Services

Designed to help secure your long term recovery without the need for residential treatment

At Steps Together, our extensive range of professional outpatient services are the perfect fit for busy lives, and can help you secure your recovery long term recovery without the need for a residential treatment programme.

Our outpatient programmes offer a range of flexible packages that are perfect if you do not need a residential treatment programme; or if you have completed residential treatment with Steps Together or another rehab provider and now need to keep your recovery alive through ongoing counselling, support or treatments in the community.

The services provided by Steps Together continue to expand, offering a range of clinical, therapy and assessment services for Addiction, Mental Health & Well-being, Physical Health Care or Specialist Psychiatric Conditions – and can be arranged at a time that is right for you, your loved one or your employee.

We are always able to build a package as unique as you and your life. Talk to one of our expert treatment advisors today to see how we can help.

Our Outpatient Services include…

Private Home Detox
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Private 1-1 Therapy
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Family Intervention Service
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5-4-3-2-1 Support Package
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Enhanced Level – 12 Steps Program
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We can offer Outpatient Services at the following locations…