With the Christmas season upon us we start to think about wonderful times with loved ones, the positive emotion we’ve built through memory, the gifts we receive and give, and the luxurious foods & drinks we’re offered. But the Christmas period isn’t like this for everyone, it can also be a time for loss and suffering for those experiencing difficulty with poor mental health and addiction. We believe at Steps Together it’s never too late to seek help. We support individuals and their families secure excellent emotional & mental health and wellbeing.

How sobriety may benefit you this Christmas:

You are able to ‘Give Back’

Carrying your own message of recovery to others, gives hope and strength to those who may be struggling with their own addiction. You will live a different way of life through sobriety, by giving back you’re not only helping your own recovery but helping others too.

Living in the moment and being present

Spending time with loved ones this Christmas could be different, you could spend quality time with friends and family making beautiful memories, and will be able to actually participate in these joyful moments.

Recovery from emotional numbness

Living a life free from alcohol and drugs (sobriety) means you can have a deeper connection with yourself and others around you. Those feelings of yours will eventually come back which can be scary at first, but you get to live in the here and now and remain present. The feelings of empathy, love, compassion and joy will return.

Your wellbeing and health will improve

You will almost immediately notice the difference mentally and physically, you will function better, your sleep will improve, your skin will look healthier and your nutrition and diet will also improve. Your mind and body will be able to perform at higher level.

Removing guilt and shame from our lives

No more waking up feeling guilty or shameful about driving the car back home after the Christmas party. Imagine your head hitting that soft pillow, going to sleep and waking back up with a clear conscience this Christmas.

Money manageability

Before sobriety managing money may have been a struggle. Life in recovery means you will learn how to become accountable and responsible for your own actions. This may lead to better opportunities for your future finances.

At Steps Together we provide a sanctuary, a home from home, for private, discreet addiction, mental health and wellbeing programmes for those experiencing difficulties with addiction, stress, depression and anxiety. If alcohol or drugs are negatively impacting your life that’s when people contact us. We help make the first step to recovery and reduce the harm that alcohol or drug misuse brings to each individual, their loved ones, or their workplace with our evidence based treatments & programmes.

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