About Us

We can help you through your recovery

Established in 2017, Steps Together Group is a collection of private addiction treatment services, providing a winning combination of residential and outpatient addiction treatment & therapy services for individuals, their families and their employer.

Through our dedicated, professionally responsive and committed teams, we are able to deliver a comprehensive, outstanding and innovative range of treatment services that transform the lives of all those living alongside addiction, ensuring Steps Together improves health and well-being for hundreds of families and communities across the UK each year.

Led by a Senior Management Team with over 20 years’ experience in the addiction treatment sector, Steps Together is committed to recovery for everyone effected by addiction, and work hard to ensure that our clients and their loved ones receive the best possible care, treatment and support to secure a life of freedom from addiction.

Our mission is clear

Steps Together core purpose is to change the lives of individuals, families and communities affected by the devastating and destructive impact of addictions.

Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions to addiction through an expertly designed range of residential and outpatient treatment & therapy services, that support our clients, families and their colleagues at every step of their holistic recovery journey.

Every member of our team, and every inch of our services, are designed around our core values, which are carried out on a daily basis. We live by these core values to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service and freedom from their addiction.

Our core values

Steps Together is a family run business, and one that is built on its family values. We believe that every family tries to live by its values, which create the personality that a family lives and breathes every day – Steps Together and its expert teams are no different.

TenaciousEnduringProfessionally ResponsiveStronger Together

  • We ensure that our clinical and therapy care in all our services is delivered in the safest possible way, ensuring that these services are delivered in line with the best national guidance and regulation in treatment.
  • That our housekeeping and catering services are delivered to the highest standard, and fully compliant with the very best standards in Environmental Health Standards and fully to the impact of COVID 19 and excellence in infection control.
  • That our clinical services balance the safest clinical treatment, with client focused treatment – ensuring our clients receive the safest yet most comfortable stay during their clinical treatment program, and remains responsive to their range of physical health conditions.

  • We NEVER give up and work hard to find solutions for our clients, their families and our stakeholders.
  • Our team members are passionate and driven to support addiction recovery. We never see anyone as a lost cause. Addiction is a serious disease, and we understand at times there may be a relapse. At Steps Together we don’t give up easily and will continue to keep addressing the reason behind the relapse, until we find a way forward for everyone.
  • We are passionate and always go the extra mile for our clients, their loved ones, our colleagues and our partners.

  • A Steps Together we don’t give up at the first hurdle and we constantly embrace new and innovative ways to achieve freedom from addiction.
  • Our relationship with our clients and their families is key to our work. Becoming a member of the Steps Together family, ensures that we stand by your side every step of the way, ensuring that no – one is alone in their recovery.
  • We listen to our clients and continue to deliver and expand our range of accessible and responsive support services, ensuring we never give up and continue to support our clients and families through an innovative range of tailored and responsive services.

  • That our expert treatment team provides you with the advice and guidance to choose the perfect treatment and support service at Steps Together.
  • If we say will do it, then WE WILL! It is really important that teams do what they say they are going to do and do it!
  • We only recruit our staff if they can truly live up to the values that remain true to the heart of Steps Together. As a family business with recovery at it’s heart – it remains essential that our teams remain professional, and responsive to our clients, families and stakeholders.
  • To ensure we offer the safest clinical care our clinical team remain responsive to the unique needs of our clients, ensuring their physical care and treatment plans remain centered around the individual and clinical needs, and balance against the best possible clinical evidence and effective treatments.
  • That our therapy services remain responsive to the unique psychological and emotional needs of our clients. Ensuring that our packages of therapy care are as unique as you and your needs – delivering the best evidenced based therapy and working closely with you to ensure that a robust therapy plan helps you secure the very best recovery from addiction.
  • Our housekeeping and catering services are established to ensure that anyone staying in our residential centres feel like it is truly home-from-home, and remain responsive to your needs whilst staying in our care; ensuring our accommodation and facilities remain homely and welcoming. And that our catering services provide an excellent choice of balanced, healthy and nutritious menu options to suit all dietary requirements – freshly prepared and cooked daily.

  • Across ALL our facilities and departments, we operate together as one team never afraid to help colleagues from different departments with their work.
  • Our teams share a common bond, with each employee sharing a deep rooted passion for long term recovery and well-being for our clients, families and their colleagues.
  • We are committed to working with the whole family, to ensure that everyone’s well-being is improved and that everyone is able to understand and play their part in the solutions to achieve long term recovery from addiction.
  • We work closely with employers and other organisations to support their priorities in business and support their staff members or customers achieve greater health and wellbeing, solutions to the alcohol or drug misuse – ensuring we support a healthy workplace and improved productivity.