“Sobriety is more than not drinking – it is creating a new life that supports it”

Recovery from addiction does not have an end- date so to speak as it is a process and we continue to work with our clients after their detox and rehab treatment programmes.

At Steps Together, our aim is to give the individual the tools to enable them to remain sober in the long-term. This is why we have a dedicated aftercare service to support our clients beyond our rehabilitation programs.

We understand the difficulties of maintaining sobriety and everyone wish to be able to do it without external support. This is why we have highlighted our top tips to help maintain sobriety below:

Top Tips To Help Maintain Sobriety

1) Take one day at a time

2) Take care of your health, keep fit

3) Have friends around you that support you being sober

4) Rest – Get plenty of sleep

5) Self-care – do mindfulness and meditation

6) Volunteer or support people who were in a similar situation to you at the beginning of your journey

Importance Of Aftercare Following Rehab

Whilst these tips help maintain sobriety post a client’s stay at a rehabilitation centre, it can still be a difficult process, especially if they are dealing with it on their own. This is where a specialist aftercare service by an experienced therapist can provide those suffering with the tools and support to ensure that they maintain sobriety for life.

People who complete their rehabilitation program often find that they still have triggers and stressors which challenge their recovery. However, with a specialist aftercare service, they can get the support and guidance to help them deal with these issues.

Aftercare counselling and therapy will give the client assistance to create a plan which will enable them to understand what to do to prevent being in situations where they experience triggers and how to handle these triggers if they do occur. They can also help you to learn how to improve communication between family and friends as they are the quickest, and easiest support the person can receive.

How Steps Together Rehab Can Help

We offer a wide range of on-going aftercare programmes for our clients. To learn more about the Aftercare services offered by Steps Together Rehab, view our Aftercare Services page now.

Steps Together Rehab offer full detox and residential rehab in 2 private clinics, but it has a great aftercare programme for its clients. Steps Together Aftercare Programme consists of 7 elements with each factor having a crucial part to play in providing you with the support and infrastructure you need to maintain sobriety.

To learn more about what we offer, visit our Aftercare Services page now, or visit our contact us page.