What is Second Phase Rehab?

Second Phase Rehab accommodation enables clients to build on their existing and amazing recovery achievements in primary care with Steps Together, or another primary treatment centre, whilst also starting to re-gain an independent life with the full support of an expert project team.

Leaving the safety and comfort of Primary Residential Treatment Services, can feel scary and daunting. For many clients, a short stay programme of treatment simply isn’t enough and they are not yet ready to go home and live amongst the many temptations and issues that previously enabled their addiction.

Steps Together’s Second Care Rehab and semi-independent living service at Elizabeth House is designed to offer the perfect solution to ensure that our clients are able to live in a semi-independent way, but with all the safety, structure and a daily programme to secure long term recovery from addiction.

Location and facility

Elizabeth House is located in the Nottinghamshire suburb of Mansfield Woodhouse, providing 13 bedrooms and offering a range of second phase rehab packages  lasting from one month to six months.

What is different about second phase rehab?

Moving into the second phase of residential rehab known as secondary care, enables individuals to become their new self and live semi-independently as part of a community of other people in recovery.

As a new “family” our second phase residents work together alongside our professional project team to:

  • Develop a bespoke recovery & therapy plan that supports you to re-establish your independence and recovery as a grown-adult in recovery
  • Learn new skills in catering, housekeeping and shopping – planning as a group the weekly menu of meals and working with other clients to organise a rota of cooking and shopping
  • Plan a weekly timetable of therapy, social and physical activities – learning as a group how to structure and prepare for the “real world” free from addiction
  • Enjoy time alone in the community to engage with your favourite activities, or organise events and activities with peers that are safe and free from addiction
  • Enjoy life in recovery through sport, recreation, events, activities and other FUN opportunities that do not involve alcohol or drugs
  • Give back & volunteer with local community groups, organisations or services – ensuring that the gift of recovery is able to benefit many who are less fortunate in their community and life.

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