We must admit, none of us are ‘above’ temptation, especially when it come to the Christmas period which is often associated with over indulging, whether that be over eating or excessive drinking. After all “it’s Christmas time!” why shouldn’t we let our hair down?

For those already in addiction recovery, it may feel even more challenging trying to manage sobriety over the Christmas period. Especially if you do not have the right recovery toolbox or support network around you.

Protecting your sobriety over Christmas is the best gift you can give yourself!

Tips on protecting your sobriety over Christmas:

  • Attend local fellowship meetings
  • If you have a sponsor or a therapist, make plans to meet up with them or arrange a phone call
  • Find your own transport or share a lift with someone from your local support group
  • Practice a form of self-care
  • Find opportunities to be of service, volunteer at a shelter, reach out to a newcomer in a meeting, there are many way to ‘give back’
  • Stay mindful if someone offers to get you drink, they may not know you’re sober or may have forgotten
  • Check in on friends who are also in recovery over the Christmas period, sending a simple text or making a phone could be their encouragement for the day

Our FREE client aftercare

In the early stages of your recovery we think providing client aftercare is key, and can help you prevent a relapse by providing you with right tools and support, allowing you to continue to work on yourself around your addiction.

If you’ve been through treatment at Steps Together, you are entitled to FREE client aftercare* to find our more please click here.

We can offer FREE client aftercare at the following locations-

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