A Homecoming of Hope and Healing

Last week, the recovery union at Elizabeth House Secondary Care was a great success, it provided an opportunity for current and previous clients to come together and form a recovery unity. The event was a testament to the power of recovery and our clients for overcoming their addiction.  It’s also a reason to celebrate and to remind our clients of how far they’ve come.

A meeting took place that featured an inspiring recovery story from an previous client, DF. To mark the occasion, a clean time count up was held and one of our previous clients, Angie, celebrated her 18 months of sobriety!

The event was further livened up by an amazing spread of food, including a BBQ, that was cooked and prepared by clients, friends, and family. This was truly a celebration of recovery that was brimming with unity and connection.

The success of this event is a testament to the power of the recovery community. The people that make up the community are incredibly supportive and committed to helping each other in their recovery journey. It was so heartening to see everyone bonding and connecting over food and stories, and celebrating the progress of each individual.

The celebration of the recovery union at Elizabeth House Secondary Care was a great success. It was a reminder of the power of the recovery community and an opportunity to appreciate the progress that has been made. We can only hope that such events will become more frequent and that more people can be inspired by the success stories of those in recovery.

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