Family Intervention Service

Helping develop a new set of tools that will ensure everyone has the ability to recover

Our Family Intervention Service is designed to offer clients and their families private weekly therapy sessions with one of our qualified therapists. Creating the perfect space for family members to openly discuss and explore their feelings, an opportunity for the whole family to work through past issues and plan a new future free from addiction.

A well supported family, can make all the difference during recovery from addiction.

This is never an easy journey for most addicts and their families, and sometimes the road can get bumpy. Building up years of lost trust and confidence in each other takes time and is essential to ensure that the whole family can repair the devastating damage caused by drug or alcohol addiction.

These sessions will help families to:

  • Work through the illness of addiction, understanding more about it and ways to achieve and maintain recovery
  • Gain support and therapy in their own right, and learn how to best support their loved one in their recovery
  • Explore thoughts, feelings and behaviours that the family find most difficult to cope with, and identify new strategies to help resolve these issues

Packages are flexible and family members may choose to undertake some or all of their sessions without their loved one present and gain support in their own right. These sessions are also a good way of working closely with all the family. This is known as a conjoint session, where family members and their loved ones explore their issues together and work closely with our therapists to resolve these.

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