Alcohol Dependency

With the on-going stresses of the last year and lock-down there has been an increase in people turning to alcohol to help with stress.

Since the start of the pandemic, millions more people have been drinking more to cope.

At Steps Together, we have a team of experts who can help you get your alcohol dependency under control.

We offer home detoxification, outpatient counselling and therapy services, supported by an expert physical health and wellbeing check- up.

This is our new innovative liver scanning service along with RHH Medical called LIVERCARE.

If you or someone you know needs further help, we offer full residential detox and rehab in our private rehab clinics.

Our philosophy at Steps Together is about treating the whole mental and physical well-being of each person. Our holistic programmes run from 1-12 weeks with a strong aftercare programme in place.

Our Range Of Therapies Include:

  • 1-2-1 Counselling & therapy sessions
  • Educational workshops delivered by our nurses and support staff
  • SMART recovery sessions
  • Weekly outings and walks
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Relapse prevention
  • Stress and anxiety workshops

Our Nottinghamshire clinic is based in a leafy suburb in Sutton-in Ashfield, and our Leicestershire clinic is located in the beautiful countryside in Arnesby.

We know that alcohol addiction recovery may seem difficult but our expert team are some of the most experienced in the UK.

One of our wonderful client testimonials:

“I have just completed 6 weeks of the most amazing journey of my life at Steps Together. The team have worked really hard for all of us and were still able to give us a fantastic treatment programme, despite the lock down!”

Martin 46, Derby

Benefits Of Giving Up Alcohol Include:

  • Mental health improvements
  • Improved immune system and health
  • Better sleep
  • Weight reduction

If you would like further information please call us on – 0800 038 5585