How Ant’s Addiction Spiraled Out of Control

Ant McPartlin is one of the most famous faces in British TV, so when he revealed that he was addicted to prescription drugs and that he has been suffering from substance abuse, the nation was shocked. Ant had been struggling with addiction to alcohol, prescribed drugs such as Tramadol and other substances for over two years.

His addiction started after a major knee injury and a surgery that went wrong which led Ant to start taking Tramadol; an opoid which is prescribed to help patients cope with their pain. However, abuse of this drug can lead to a tragic addiction, which is what occurred in the case of Ant McPartlin. From addiction to Tramadol, Ant had also moved onto abusing other substances as well.

Ant, 41, spoke to The Sun on Sunday about his problems, after revealing his struggles to his wife Lisa and his Britain’s Got Talent co-host Declan Donnelly. The paper reported that a combination of battling a painful knee injury, which saw Ant become addicted to painkiller Tramadol, and his and Lisa’s battle to conceive resulted in the presenter spiralling into depression.

Ant McPartlin has the full support of his ITV bosses following his decision to check himself into rehab. A statement was released on behalf of the TV network that read: “We’re sending Ant all of our best wishes for a speedy recovery.” The popular presenter, of comedy duo Ant and Dec, is currently receiving treatment for anxiety, depression and an addiction to prescription medication. He is expected to stay in rehab for at least two months.

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How Rehab Can Help

Addiction to Tramadol is a serious issue and painkiller addiction is becoming more and more popular. Due to it being a prescribed drug, it can lead people to have a false comfort that it will not be harmful to them. However, if the drug is consumed without moderation then it can heavily impact your life. If you are addicted to painkillers such as Tramadol, it can be very difficult to know what are the best steps to letting go of your addiction.

A rehab centre can intervene between those who are suffering from the addiction and their loved one, to help them recognise the need to change. It can also support them in every step of their journey to help them detox from the substance in a safe manner.

How Steps Together Can Help

Steps Together offer rehab programs which are specifically designed for those suffering from painkiller addiction to substances such as Tramadol. We have expert professionals with years of experience to help you deal with any situation and to guide you through your journey.

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