It is that time of year when New Year’s resolutions are made and more people are looking to give up alcohol for the month of January and beyond.

The phrase “Dry January” was originally coined by Alcohol Concern to help people use the new years as a start to reduce their alcohol consumption. In 2019, more than 4.2 million people took part in the initiative.

What Dry January in 2021 Is The Most Challenging Yet

This year can be especially difficult due to the lockdowns that have been put in place in the UK. The added stress can be a trigger which causes people to increase their alcohol intake, for example, in the current pandemic and the country in a lockdown, job uncertainty, health issues, and family concerns mean that people have been drinking more alcohol.

At Steps together, we help people overcome their addiction. In the midst of all of the stresses you face, we want to provide you with all the support you need to help you during Dry January and beyond.

Benefits of Dry January:

Dry January is the perfect opportunity for you to test mental strength and experience the physical benefits of abstaining from alcohol.

Mental Health Improvements

Drinking alcohol is often a coping mechanism for those struggling with mental health but studies have shown alcohol consumption just worsens the symptoms. Being drunk can cover up mental health issues, but abstaining from alcohol is the first steps to recovering from mental health issues.

Improved Immune System & Health

When you drink alcohol, you are putting your body under immense pressure. It weakens your immune system and damages your organs, so abstinence from alcohol can give you great physical benefits which you can start noticing just a week into Dry January. One of the main benefits of Dry January is that it can reduce your chances of developing a liver disease as well as certain cancer

Better Skin And Weight Reduction

The health benefits are not limited to your internal physical benefits either. It will also improve your skin, helping you to look younger and brighter. Alcohol causes you to get dehydrated which causes your skin to look dry and wrinkly.

Weight Reduction

Alcoholic drinks are often high in calories and sugars which leads to people who drink often gaining a lot of fat. Therefore, abstaining from alcohol can be a great opportunity for those who are looking to lose their weight. The reduced intake of sugar can also be beneficial to those who have diabetes.

Better Sleep

Alcohol leads to your sleep is disturbed due to alcohol reacts with the sleep-inducing chemicals in your body causes them to crash. Alcohol will reduce the quality of your sleep and if you drink a moderate amount then it can seriously impact how much deep, REM sleep someone gets. Abstaining from alcohol can improve the amount of deep sleep you get, giving you more energy and improving your mood.

How Steps Together Rehab Can Help

Our detox and rehab programmes are abstinence-based and run from 1-12 weeks.

We have 2 private residential clinics in the Midlands – in Leicestershire in the countryside and in Nottinghamshire in the quiet location of Sutton- in- Ashfield. If you want to learn more about how Steps Together can help you abstain from alcohol, visit our Alcohol Detox page.

If you would like any further information please call us on – 0800 038 5585.