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Are you someone struggling with addiction? Are you tired of having it take over your life? Or is someone you love struggling with addiction? We can help. Steps Together Rehab offers you professional rehabilitation solutions in the Luton region, so that you are enabled to live a life free from drug or alcohol addiction. Contact us today and get professional consultation to choose a suitable treatment plan for yourself or your loved one.

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What makes us a competent rehabilitation facility near Luton?

We provide our clients with a well-designed treatment plan with innovative therapies and detoxification practices. Steps Together Rehab was launched to provide holistic treatment to those afflicted with addiction.

  • Holistic approach – To ensure long-term recovery, we don’t just try to keep you free from substances, but also treat the root causes of one’s addiction problems. This prevents relapse.
  • Highly competent staff – Our team comprises skilled and experienced psychologists, nurses, nutritionists, and physicians who work together to provide you with the best possible support. Recovery from addiction is challenging, and we make sure to leave no stone unturned in addressing it.
  • Supportive and calm atmosphere – We have our residences and detoxification centres situated in quiet and secluded areas. This is to ensure that you have a serene atmosphere that is essential for optimal healing.
  • Affordability – We work hard to ensure that your stay with us is worth every penny. Our treatment plans are offered at economical rates to ensure accessibility.
  • Personalised care – Every individual is unique and we recognise that. We offer our clients personalised treatment plans, according to their unique needs.
  • Aftercare & ongoing support – As mentioned, our approach is holistic and aims for long-term recovery. Our aftercare facilities exist to prevent chances of relapse and ensure a secure future for you, free from addiction. These solutions may include transitional living facilities and support groups.
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List of services offered

  • In-patient treatment – This refers to residential treatment that includes constant monitoring and planned treatment with group therapies, counselling sessions, and more.
  • Out-patient rehab facilities – For those who don’t require full-time hospitalisation, out-patient services provide the flexibility to get treatment while staying home. It generally includes day programmes and support.
  • Partial hospitalisation – A short two-week residential programme involving group therapy and appointments with experts.
  • Detoxification therapy – Through the elaborate steps of evaluation, stabilisation, and treatment, you are detoxified from substances in a conducive environment.
  • Withdrawal symptoms management – Withdrawal symptoms are some of the most distressing parts of rehabilitation. To deal with it, we offer a comfortable atmosphere and full support, nutritious food, and medication if required.
  • Pharmacotherapy – We have a team of competent doctors who prescribe you appropriate medication to deal with withdrawal symptoms and speed up your recovery.
  • Family therapy – A supportive family works wonders when battling addiction. We encourage involvement to address dysfunctional behaviours as well as rule out root causes of addiction so that it doesn’t pass to future generations.