Residential Inpatient Packages

Treatment & therapy products & services

Initial enquiry & advice service


Pre-treatment assessment service


Reset package

7-10 nights

Reset & reframe package

14 – 21 nights

Recovery plus package

28 nights

Recovery premium package

28 nights

Treatment advisory service & bookings            
Treatment enquiry, advice & guidance service X X X X X
Pre-treatment admission assessment & consultation X X X X X
Treatment booking & confirmation X
Reset programme            
Clinical assessment X X
Clinical detox & treatment plan X X
Full detoxification programme* X X
Recovery therapy induction & recovery action plan X X
Reframe programme             
Recovery scale assessment & recovery action plan** X X X
Recovery action plan review X X X
Recovery plus action plan X X X X
Recovery counselling & group lite therapy programme X X X
Recovery counselling & group intense therapy programme X X X
Recovery counselling & group premium therapy programme X X X X
Two FREE family therapy counselling *** X  X X X X X
Recovery programme
support & aftercare services
FREE weekly aftercare groups for one year X  X
FREE family group workshops (monthly) for one year X  X
Telephone helpline support 24/7 X  X

Additional recovery & aftercare support services (*Fees apply)

Private Home Detox
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Private 1-1 Therapy
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Family Intervention Service
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5-4-3-2-1 Support Package
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Enhanced Level – 12 Steps Program
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* Clinical Detoxification Treatment is strictly regulated, and the package choice is dependent on the level of clinical support and type of addiction. Our expert booking and sales team will be able to assist you understand this process.

** Recovery Scale Assessments are used to determine in detail the level of Recovery Support an individual may need for different aspects of their life. This enables the Therapy Team and Individual to establish a more detailed Recovery Action and establish a range of services that may benefit each unique individual.

*** Private Family Therapy Counselling sessions are inclusive within the Premium Plus package and include 2 private therapy sessions for family members and their loved ones lasting approximately 90 minutes per session. These are also available by way of separate purchase across our range of package styles

**** Steps Together operate a range on ongoing support services, designed around the needs of our inpatient clients and their families once they have completed the purchased treatment package. Each aspect of these services are chargeable and charge rates vary. Click here to view our Aftercare Services.