Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment near Stamford

Are you tired of fighting against the withdrawal symptoms of drug and alcohol addictions? Are you facing problems in your family life because of addiction? Do you want to help yourself out of this dark world of drugs and alcohol that is slowly eating you? Trust Steps Together Rehab to show you the path to healing and deaddiction. We are the premium treatment providers of drug and alcohol dependency in the Stamford region. Contact us today and escape from the clutches of drug and alcohol addiction.

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We specialise in some of the most individualised treatment plans at Steps Together Rehab in Stamford to help you overcome addiction. Our uniqueness lies in our holistic approach to clients’ recovery.

  • Holistic approach – Our team at Stamford not only helps in getting the clients to be drug-free or alcohol-free but also helps to resolve the underlying cause of addiction.
  • Highly experienced staff – Our team at Stamford consists of skilled psychologists, nurses, physicians and nutritionists. They are highly proficient in helping you through the healing process.
  • Calm atmosphere – The calm and secluded environment at Steps Together Rehab, Stamford, helps to heal the mind as well as the body.
  • Affordability – We offer our rehab services at economical rates. Our team ensures that your investment in our treatment facility is worth every penny.
  • Individualised care – We aim to provide individualised solutions depending on the severity of addiction and treatment requirements.
  • Ongoing support options – The best part about Steps Together Rehab, Stamford, is we provide aftercare support even after the clients are discharged.
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Why choose Steps Together Rehab?

Our deaddiction services are the best in the Swansea region because of the following provisions:

  • The qualified and compassionate staff
  • Individualised treatment plans
  • Speedy admission procedures and assessments
  • Hygienic and good quality nutritious food
  • Transparent and flexible financial dealings
  • Guided counselling and therapy sessions
  • Great after-care support
  • High success rates

How do we stage our recovery programme?

Stage 1: Identifying and assessing the addiction

Stage 2: Providing individualised treatment programmes

Stage 3: Starting the drug/alcohol detoxification phase

Stage 4: Rehabilitation

Stage 5: Discharge and aftercare support