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Strip addiction of its power

Substance abuse can cripple you to the extent that you can’t identify or align with who you are deep down like before. If you feel exhausted and defeated by having to give your freedom away to substances or wish to help someone else struggling with the same, come to us. The Steps Together Rehab centre, based in Sleaford, is made to usher you through this dark phase of your life, which is not permanent.

What we do: Steps Together creates personalised treatment programs for alcohol and drug addiction for its clients. Talk to us and take the most crucial step towards your well-being.

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Why trust us?

Our treatment plans include all the latest evidence-based approaches to annihilate drug or alcohol dependency the right way throughout a specific period. What matters to us is your personal experience with addiction that guides us on the treatment that would suit you best.

We don’t believe in generalising struggles.

  • Comprehensive approach

    – Our sole purpose is not to just ‘treat addiction’. The steps together team believes in rooting out addiction, and that happens by attacking it at all levels. For example, we also work on the triggers that, over time, build a dependency on substances. This eradicates the possibility of relapse.

  • Expert professionals – We have only recruited the best of the best in all our facilities, including the Sleaford-based Addiction Centre. They undergo ample training to harmoniously guide you through the recovery process.
  • Peaceful ambience – Our holistic approach also includes offering all our clients a calm, welcoming atmosphere so they feel relaxed and energised during their stay on our premises.
  • Affordable – Our rates are determined by the general public’s needs and are highly economical. We assure you that there will be no regrets after spending your money on Steps Together to help you recover.
  • Custom Treatment – Our treatment plan is not generic because we understand the importance of individual experiences and how each requires a different treatment approach. We create a customised plan according to your personal needs.
  • After Care Services – One of our most notable qualities is the aftercare service we provide free of cost for everyone that has completed the initial stages. Not only that, we conduct daily group therapy and counselling sessions to give you a support system you can confide in.
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How does the recovery programme pan out?

Step 1: Medical evaluation and assessment of addiction

Step 2: Creating a custom treatment plan

Step 3: Initiating the drug/alcohol clinical detoxification phase

Step 4: Rehabilitation phase

Step 5: Discharge and aftercare support

A typical day at Steps Together

  • Morning – Meditation, group sessions, confidence-building
  • Afternoon – Behavioural therapy, family support therapy, alternative therapies like music and art therapy, exercise
  • Evening – Group therapy sessions, guided counselling, socialisation

These sessions are scheduled with sufficient free time for introspection and self-analysis for the patients in between.

Creating new beginnings through addiction treatment

Steps Together has one mission and vision -to transform the lives of those battling addiction through holistic treatment. Call us at our Sleaford centre on 0330 175 7031 for further inquiry. To book a confidential one-on-one appointment, contact us today.

Our treatment centre locations

Free alcohol recovery Sleaford treatment services

All meeting days, times and venues were correct at time of publication. For a full list of meetings in the Merseyside area, please visit the alcoholics anonymous website.


Sleaford Multi-Mtg

Salvation Army Hall, 49 West Banks

NG34 7QB

19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins


Grantham Steps

Grantham Senior Citizens Community Centre, Welham St

NG31 6QU

19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins


Sleaford Multi-Mtg

Salvation Army Hall, 49 West Banks

NG34 7QB

19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins


Lincoln Waddington

Redwood Drive Community Centre, Redwood Dr, Waddington


10.15 – duration 1hr 30mins

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