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Are you looking for ways to escape the vicious cycle of substance abuse? Do you want to help your friend or a loved one conquer addiction without being subject to social stigma? At Steps Together Rehab, we help you regain control of your life by showing you concrete steps towards deaddiction.

Our branch near Oakham is your one-stop destination for the path to permanent recovery. Schedule a confidential appointment with us today.

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What to keep in mind while choosing a rehab?

  • Types of treatments – Ensure that a treatment plan suitable to your needs is available in the centre. Whether in-patient or out-patient, your schedule and requirements should match the facility’s programmes.
  • Programme content – The rehab centre must provide value-oriented activities that give long-lasting results to assist your deaddiction journey.
  • Accreditation – Check if the centre has a formal affiliation with a recognised institution. It will help you in getting professional anti-addiction therapies.
  • Cost – The programmes offered should be well within your budget; this is important to avoid additional stress. Search for quality services at economical rates.
  • Staff – The crew must be caring and committed. There needs to be a team of experienced and qualified psychologists, dieticians, physicians and nurses.

At Steps Together Rehab, we pride ourselves on matching all the above criteria. We are your most trusted option if you seek professional assistance

in your deaddiction journey.

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Services designed for lasting change

If you are looking for a comprehensive rehab facility in Oakham that focuses on a holistic approach to healing, you have arrived at the right place.

  • Residential treatment – Our facility provides a friendly and pleasant environment to help individuals overcome addiction. We encourage patients to take responsibility for their actions as they recover. pharmacotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.
  • Medical detoxification – The holistic treatment model helps individuals manage the harmful effects of substance withdrawal. The detoxification phase usually stretches over 28 days.
  • Outpatient programmes – These programmes assist patients as they transition to a healthy, addiction-free life. Counselling sessions are arranged even after the patient is discharged.
  • Partial hospitalisation programmes – Treatment sessions are scheduled during the day so that clients can return home at night. The programme includes skill-building and periodic evaluations by qualified practitioners, and the duration depends on individual progress.
  • Family therapy – Our team organises family relationship counselling. The purpose is to make patients and their families realise the negative impacts and dangers of addiction passing to future generations if not appropriately addressed.
  • Conscious recovery – This programme helps individuals identify the root causes of their addiction issues. It provides avenues to address past traumas, toxic relationships and unresolved conflicts. Acknowledging root issues changes the thinking pattern and helps you reclaim your life.
  • Lifetime aftercare – Our team develops an aftercare plan that assists in facing possible challenges post-recovery. It ensures that relapses do not occur.