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Rethink Addiction with Steps Together at Matlock

Steps Together has been helping people impacted by alcohol, drugs, and other issues. We help people relive by taking a comprehensive and compassionate approach.

People concerned about substance use can access Matlock’s alcohol and other drug assistance and treatment programmes. We offer a comprehensive spectrum of clinical treatment and support to people and families impacted by alcoholism and substance abuse, including those needing help for the first time.

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Personalised Addiction Treatment with Steps Together

Addiction is a complicated disorder that affects the body, mind, and soul. It may be quite challenging for people with drug use disorders to end the cycle of substance addiction on their own. The good news is that rehabilitation and restoration are attainable. You may get the personalised attention and support you require to advance in your recovery with the help of professional addiction therapy.

We offer comprehensive addiction and drug therapy services to persons suffering from various drug use problems. We have designed our programmes to assist people and families in healing while also offering them direction, skills, and resources. Thus, we lay the groundwork for a prosperous future.

With comprehensive diagnosis treatment, we provide an integrated strategy that addresses the fundamental cause of addiction while also treating reoccurring mental and behavioural health disorders.

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Treat Alcohol and Drug Addiction at Steps Together

People addicted to various drugs and alcohol are treated at Steps Together alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities in Matlock. Our all-encompassing drug and alcohol addiction treatment programme in Matlock offers better recovery success for our alcohol and drug rehab patients and our mental health clients.

We adopt a therapeutic team-based approach, which leads to more significant outcomes. Additionally, unlike other addiction treatment facilities, we offer comprehensive care services with the help of our team of therapists and programme management specialists. This ensures that our clients’ therapy sessions focus entirely on their health issues. At the same time, a committed case manager watches over their needs and provides them with various forms of care necessary for a genuinely effective recovery.

Community-Driven Rehab Treatment Programme in Matlock

Our clients can communicate, inspire, and support one another throughout their treatment journey, thanks to our well-crafted drug and alcohol rehab programme and our cosy and inclusive community atmosphere.

Our clients can grow more independent with continued participation in our treatment programme, which includes individual therapy and group assistance. They will learn the life skills necessary for a prosperous, sober future as they move through our treatment programmes.

Live Addiction-Free Life with Continuous Care from Experts

One of the most significant choices you or a loved one will ever make is deciding to seek treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. It has the power to save your life, heal your body, and give you and your loved ones newfound joy. However, knowing where to go for assistance and how to choose a treatment facility may be difficult.

At Steps Together, we view addiction as a three-fold disease that can show in various ways, including physiological, spiritual, and mental aspects. We have created our programmes to meet each client’s specific needs by treating every part of addiction. We can assist everyone, including those with work or school responsibilities, by providing a range of care.

You can call us on 0330 175 7031 or 0800 038 5585 to get more details about our programmes and facility.

Our treatment centre locations

Free alcohol recovery Matlock treatment services

All meeting days, times and venues were correct at time of publication. For a full list of meetings in the Merseyside area, please visit the alcoholics anonymous website.



Sawmills Village Hall, Ripley Rd (A610 nr Abergate, opp Post Office)

DE56 2JQ

12.00 – duration 1hr 30mins



St. Joseph’s Community Hall, Bank Road (next to RC Church)


19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins


Clay Cross Hope & Recovery Big Book

Darby & Joan Club, Rose Court, Valley Rd, Holmgate Rd

S45 9QF

19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins



Sawmills Village Hall, Ripley Rd

DE56 2JQ

19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins

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Do Steps Together provide detoxification programmes?

Steps Together provides detoxification programmes, as most people’s recovery journey begins with the detoxification procedure. Depending on the drug use disorder the person is dependent on, the withdrawal symptoms may take a few days or a long time to resolve.

What Makes Steps Together Different?

We understand and treat drug addiction as a pronged issue. We offer a step-by-step approach that helps patients to reach their goals. We provide each client with the chance to put their addictions behind them and start their road to recovery.

How long is the course of treatment at Steps Together?

Each client’s demands are taken into account while determining the length of therapy, as is the client’s progress. Between five and ten days are common for a detox programme. Up to 30 days may pass within our residential programme.