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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment in Codsall

Addiction to drugs and alcohol affects everyone in the same manner. Everyone, regardless of age, colour, or socioeconomic status, is affected by substance use disorders. It is critical to seek drug treatment in Codsall given the rise of lethal opioids.

Although the statistics on substance usage are concerning, there are just as strong and deliberate attempts being made to counter their harmful addiction. Start your journey now with Steps Together by utilising one of our drug and alcohol treatment centres in Codsall.

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Reducing the physical and psychological reliance, as well as dealing with the underlying behavioural issues that lead to addiction in the first place, are all necessary to overcome drug or alcohol addiction.

Alcoholism or other substance addictions have an adverse effect on one’s physical and emotional well-being; friends and family members are frequently troubled and perplexed by such addictive behaviour.

When you come to live with us at Steps Together, you must stay in a residential setting for 28 days. You will participate in an alcohol detox programme during this period, which can last up to two weeks, depending on the level of your addiction. We want to help you to stop using drugs or alcohol for good; hence, we will teach you a variety of coping mechanisms, so you can handle life’s challenges without ever having to use drugs.

Individuals at Steps Together receive therapy in both group and one-on-one settings, and a personalised treatment and recovery programme is created to completely meet their unique requirements. Additionally, individuals should undergo a psychological examination from licensed psychiatrists.

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Steps Together – Your Helping Hand For Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Addiction to drugs or alcohol may make daily life extremely difficult. You will probably go through a vicious cycle, wherein you want to be better, but start substance abuse again. With this in mind, you must emotionally and physically prepare yourself before choosing treatment. As soon as you feel prepared to stop using alcohol and drugs as a coping technique, you must take action.

Usually, the first step in preparation is admitting that you have a drug and alcohol addiction issue. We will presume that since you are interacting with Steps Together, you are already in the process of making an effort of freeing yourself from addiction. You must, however, be completely aware of the extent of your drug and alcohol addiction as well as your prolonged recovery objectives.

When you are ready to confront the highs and lows of treatment, we, at Steps Together, can effectively support you. We are here for you whether you are ready to acknowledge you have a drug or alcohol issue now or need more encouragement.

Our treatment centre locations

Free alcohol recovery Codsall treatment services

All meeting days, times and venues were correct at time of publication. For a full list of meetings in the Merseyside area, please visit the alcoholics anonymous website.


Wolverhampton Women in Recovery

St Patrick Catholic Church, 299 Wolverhampton Rd

WV10 0QQ

11.00 – duration 1hr 30mins



St Mary & St John, Snow Hill


19.30 – duration 1hr 15mins


Wolverhampton Breakfast Daily Reflections

St Chrishopher’s RC Church, The Parish Hall, Wolverhampton Rd, Codsall


07.00 – duration 1hr


Wolverhampton Newcomers Big Book

St Jude’s Parish Church Hall, St Jude’s Road (off Tettenhall Rd)


10.00 – duration 1hr 30mins

Free drug recovery Codsall treatment services

All meeting days, times and venues were correct at time of publication. For a full list of meetings in the Merseyside area, please visit the narcotics anonymous website.


Happy Mondays in the Bungalow

Bevan Lee Community Centre 28 Bevan Lee Road

Cannock Staffordshire

WS11 4PS

19:00 ~ 20:15


Monday’s NA Message

Cgl Walsall 30-30A Station Street Walsall West Midlands


19:30 ~ 21:00


Wolverhampton E.S.H Shares

St. Patricks Church Wolverhampton Road Wolverhampton West Midlands

WV10 0QQ

19:30 ~ 21:00


Men’s NA Living Clean Meeting

Here4YOUth 1 Castle Street

Dudley West Midlands


19:30 ~ 20:45

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Is your rehab a private, non-public facility?

Yes. The Steps Together drug and alcohol treatment centre staff will always treat your case in strict confidence and with due respect to your privacy.

What method of addiction treatment is most efficient?

As it may be used to treat a variety of addictions, including alcoholism and prescription drug addiction, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a useful therapeutic method.

What comes first in the process of treating addiction?

The initial stage of therapy is often detoxification. It entails eliminating a drug from the body and reducing withdrawal symptoms. Mostly, rehab centres prescribe medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

What symptoms indicate relapse?

Usually, the person begins to feel unpleasant emotional reactions including rage, irritability, and anxiety. Additionally, they could start to have irregular eating and sleeping patterns, and their motivation to recover frequently dwindles since they stop utilising their support networks.