This Alcohol Awareness week 2021, the campaign will be focusing on “Alcohol and relationships” and the impact it has not only on the person suffering with alcohol addiction but also their loved ones around them.

During the Covid-19 pandemic there was a 58% increase of people reporting that their drinking had increased. Which meant there was even more loss of structure and purpose to ‘normal’ daily lives.

Having an alcohol addiction is a disease that affects all members of the family. But, the impact of addiction on family members can be so easily overlooked. At Steps Together, we work closely with you in your own right, to ensure you are fully supported during a very difficult, confusing and devastating time of your lives. We believe you are a key part of the solution too.

Common effects of alcoholism for friends/family can be:

  • The user can become emotionally unavailable
  • Children can be neglected
  • Mental and domestic abuse is more likely to occur
  • Damaged family relationships
  • Neglecting responsibilities at work which could affect finances within the household

Those who suffer with an alcohol addiction are more likely to ignore or lie about their illness. This tends to break the trust and makes it difficult for friends and family to build strong relationships with their loved one. We believe we are Stronger Together, ensuring that we walk with you all on your journey to a life of freedom from addiction.

Remember, a well-supported family can make all the difference during recovery from addiction. Our Family Intervention is the perfect space for family members to openly discuss and explore their feelings, an opportunity for the whole family to work through past issues and plan a new future free from addiction.

Hear real stories from our ex-clients and family members. Or, if you’d like more information about our Family Intervention service please click here.