Coming into Elizabeth House I was welcomed by staff who are passionate about what they do, I wasn’t just another alcoholic going through the system

Cathy – a former client

My name is Cathy, and I’m an alcoholic in recovery. Currently staying at Elizabeth House, Second Phase Rehab.

I will brief you on my last 5 years and my experiences whilst in out of active addiction, having many stents in rehab after continuous relapses, living in the hell of destruction, chaos, pain and fear of my disease. Not only did I do this to myself, but I also brought those down around me who I love, and are close to me.

I remember my first admission in rehab and being told of a ‘yet list’ which consisted of things that inevitably happen as my disease progresses. I was a little disturbed by the ‘yet list’ as is included things like being arrested, jail, institutions, marriage break ups, loss of home, family, and even death. I could go on!

This definitely wasn’t me, I was not one of those alcoholics! 5 years later, after countless admissions in hospital, 10 relapses, which gets worse every time, the humiliation of being arrested 3 times, being hand cuffed, being put into a riot van and sleeping on a mat in a cell, I started to realise I was ticking the boxes on the ‘yet list’.

And it didn’t stop there. I came close to death, I went into respiratory arrest 3 times. I was found grey, not breathing, barely a pulse, and my husband having to do CPR on me for 12 minutes, whilst my 3 daughters watched in horror until the ambulance arrived. I was in a critical condition and the consultant was sure I wouldn’t survive. His words now stick me, as he said it’s a miracle I survived.

I’m also now the in the process of divorce, and losing my home, however I’m extremely grateful that I haven’t lost my 3 beautiful girls…yet! They were distant for some time, but having got a bit more understanding of my disease, they are supporting me, caring and loving. I have many more ‘yets’ that have been ticked but also many that I haven’t, this is why I need to work hard in the program to get the life I deserve. This is now my 8th time in rehab and my 1st time in second phase rehab at Elizabeth House, which I have also felt would benefit me.

Coming into Elizabeth House I was welcomed by staff who are passionate about what they do, I wasn’t just another alcoholic going through the system. Elizabeth House is a beautifully presented home and I instantly felt relaxed, serene and cared for.

My room is well accommodated, beautiful and very comfortable. Elizabeth House offers the support and therapy that I need to continue to move forward and strengthen my chances of long term sobriety.

I’m pleased with how Elizabeth House runs a daily schedule, offering 1-1’s with a therapist, a selections of groups, evening meetings and time on the schedule to continue with my Step Work.

I would recommend continuing treatment at second phase rehab, as they offer support and guidance in helping maintain day to day living, helping to build up confidence, self-esteem and responsibilities to have a balanced life. Along with the tools and continuing support once leaving Elizabeth House, working the program, staying spiritually connected, building a support network and actively working the programme, I believe I can be happy, joyous and free. I can live my life sober and enjoy the gifts that await me on my journey.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at Elizabeth House for supporting and encouraging me through my early recovery.

Today, I am a grateful recovering alcoholic.