Nathan’s Story

“I’m Nathan, and I came to Steps Together in September 2021 to seek help for my drug addiction. It was really important to me and my family that I went to a treatment centre that would be safe for someone like me. I’m transgender and when I came into treatment I was extremely vulnerable and I wanted to know that my entire well-being and identity were going to be supported and nurtured.

I’m so thankful that Steps Together were so inclusive, they made sure that my identity was affirmed and protected as I recovered from my addiction. I was able to build a foundation for my recovery and by engaging in the program, completing the 12 Steps and continuing therapy, I’ve been able to develop a self awareness that as been invaluable, that has enabled me to nurture myself and navigate my recovery in ways that are both successful and maintainable.

” I wanted to know that my entire well-being and identity were going to be supported and nurtured.”

The best thing I’ve taken away from my time at Steps Together is that the best thing you can do for yourself and your recovery is acknowledging the need for and the power of boundaries. In recovery, sometimes you have to let go of the things or say no to the things that are not good for your recovery whilst holding your breath and doing what’s good for your recovery and saying yes and trusting the process.

When you know your limits, what’s healthy and what’s unhealthy, you can protect yourself, you can create a space for yourself where you can thrive.”

Nathan, former client at Steps Together

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