Enhanced Level – 12 Steps Program

Steps Together have introduced a new Enhanced Level – 12 Step program, offering a 1-1 guided process with an experienced addiction therapist

The 12 Steps are a group of principles which, if practiced as a way of life, can remove the obsession to drink or use drugs and enable you to become free from addiction. Recovery is not a one off event. Everyday you will need to keep working on your own recovery ensuring that you stay on track.

At Steps Together we encourage each of our clients to practice the 12 Step Program and define their higher power in their own way. We understand that maintaining recovery can be really tough going once returning home and we want to support you to succeed.

Sessions can be available each week for clients who have now completed their residential treatment programme and would like to determine a future recovery plan.

How it will benefit you:

  • An experienced Addiction Therapist will help guide and explain the 12 Steps in depth and encourage you to apply them to your life
  • You will gain valuable insights from our specialists own life experiences, which will give you an example of how to function and achieve sobriety
  • Each session you will be given professional advice and suggestions by an experienced Addiction Therapist
  • You will be provided with motivation and encouragement

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