Living with an alcoholic

You may know by now that alcohol addiction is a progressive illness, and in the early stages it probably wasn’t so obvious. You might be wondering how alcohol made your loved one go from being able to have the occasional alcoholic drink, to have a full-blown addiction.

If you live with an alcoholic, just try to remind yourself this is not your fault or theirs. Essentially, alcoholism results from a combination of many risk factors, which vary between individuals.

Common risk factors include:
  • Low self-esteem
  • Exposed to trauma
  • Peer pressure
  • Living in an environment where alcohol is commonly used
  • Experiencing a high level of stress
  • Conditions such as ADHD, depression and anxiety could also create a greater risk for problematic alcohol and drug abuse
Signs and behaviours of alcoholism:
  • Increased aggression
  • Self-disclosure
  • Drinking in secret
  • Drink driving
  • Acting irrational or saying hurtful things to others, and having no recollection of these events the day after
  • Finding excuses to drink
  • Unlawful activities
  • Emotional, physical or verbal abuse
  • Neglecting own personal hygiene
  • Neglecting responsibilities, not going to work or looking after family
Watch Lorraine’s story – family member

“Finding out that your son, your child that you adore and love is an addict is devastating.”









Support for family members

There are many support groups for families, which will help you can understand more about the illness of addiction, you can share your experiences, without judgement or fear with others who have lived similar experiences to you. These types of groups will help you gain support and also new coping skills.

The journey is never easy for most addicts and their families, and sometimes the road can get bumpy. Building up years of lost trust and confidence in each other takes time and is essential to ensure that the whole family can repair the devastating damage caused by drug or alcohol addiction.

Alternatively, we offer a range of professional outpatient services which are the perfect fit for busy lives, and can help your loved one secure long term recovery without the need for a residential treatment programme. Supported by our professionally responsive teams, we understand that you know your loved one better than most, and working alongside our expert teams, we can develop the best possible package of care for you all. Please click on the links below if you’d like further information about these services.

Family Intervention

Private 1-1 Therapy

Private Home Detox

If your loved one is suffering with alcohol or drug addiction please talk to one of our experienced treatment advisers today to arrange the best services for you and your family 0330 175 7031