Free Client Aftercare

Providing you with right tools and support to continue to work on yourself during your ongoing recovery

When you graduate from the Steps Together, your true recovery test will begin. Having the power to say no to alcohol or drugs after returning to your everyday life is a new challenge in itself.

We know leaving treatment can be daunting process, which is why Steps Together have designed a FREE Client Aftercare group. In the early stages of your recovery we think this is key, and can help you prevent a relapse by providing you with right tools and support, allowing you to continue to work on yourself around your addiction.

This is a safe space where you can share your experiences, without judgement or fear, with others who have lived similar experiences to you. It will also give you the opportunity to help develop your own network of support and others in addiction. Attending these groups on a weekly basis will help you stay connected to extra recovery support.

The FREE Client Aftercare group is operated on a weekly basis via Zoom. You are entitled to use this service for up to 12 months after leaving treatment. Please note that times may vary for each centre.

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We can offer Client Aftercare at the following locations…