Insurance Coverage

To help secure long-term recovery for those experiencing difficulty with poor mental health and addiction, the Steps Together Group are currently accepting clients from the following Health Insurance providers:

Please ensure you check your insurance provider about the level of coverage before you reach out to Steps Together.

All admissions via Health Insurance Coverage must be pre-authorised by both the insurer, the client, and the admissions team at Steps Together.

Whilst Steps Together work alongside Healthcare Insurance providers, individual eligibility for payment coverage is determined by the insurer themselves, not The Steps Together Group.

The process for obtaining detoxification or rehabilitation treatment does often vary between each Healthcare Insurance provider, however please see below a rough process guide.

Admission to Steps Together via Insurance Coverage

  • Call the Healthcare Insurer directly to confirm policy coverage, policy level and your eligibility for treatment.
  • Obtain referral from Healthcare Insurer to a member of the team at Steps Together.
  • Our medical team will then determine eligibility and approve your details with the Healthcare Insurer, if appropriate.
  • Steps Together will then receive authorisation from the Healthcare Insurer to admit you into treatment.
  • Our admissions team from Steps Together will then complete a standard telephone pre-assessment with you, and finalise date and time of admission.