Search Data for Alcohol Addiction in Nottighamshire

Google Keyword Planner data has revealed that every month 170 people in Nottinghamshire ask Google if they have a problem with alcohol*.

These are the areas in Nottinghamshire with the most monthly searches for alcohol addiction queries:

Nottingham Rehab

First steps to recovery

These internet searches are often the first step addicts take in seeking help. With alcohol related deaths reported to be at 33,000 per year by Alcoholics Anonymous, it is crucial that useful answers and advice can be easily found

Darren Rolfe, CEO of Steps Together Rehab in Nottingham is opening a new detox centre in  Leicester next month.

Darren has expert advice for those not sure if they have a problem:

“The realisation of alcohol dependency, sometimes, only comes in the darkest moments. If you find yourself searching for answers at these times, keep searching.”

How to tell if you have a drinking problem

Alcohol affects your brain chemistry, which you may not even be aware of. If you have noticed any of the below and you drink alcohol a lot, you may have a drinking problem.

Have you noticed that you feel depressed?

Whilst you think alcohol may help relieve stress, this is a short-term solution, as overall alcohol is actually a depressant. Drinking alcohol to feel relaxed can become a habit and before you know it you have become addicted to alcohol. It is a vicious circle.

Do you plan social events around alcohol?

Drinking heavily can also affect your relationships with your family and friends. If people close to you have expressed concern, or you find yourself increasingly seeking the company of people who drink as often as you do and withdrawing from those who don’t share your lifestyle, you may have a problem.

Are you able to function properly at work? Or are you finding that you are tired, having interrupted sleep and a foggy head?

Alcohol may help you fall asleep, but the quality of your sleep will be poor and you will feel worse the next day. Struggling at work can lead to stress and worsen the situation.

Are you drinking to get through feeling anxious?

Actually, people who are anxious are often drinking too heavily. This dependency can creep up on you slowly and because it is often seen as a sociable activity in our culture, people may not take any action until the situation becomes really bad.

Darren continues:

“It’s when you reach your lowest point, you realise something has to change.”

Get help with drinking

It is at these times that people turn to Google to see if they have a problem.

Darren Rolfe suggests:

“Why not see if you can go a couple of days without drinking? If you can’t get through a Monday and Tuesday without a drink then you may have a degree of alcohol dependency.

“Steps Together Rehab is Care Quality Commission approved and we are proud to offer the highest standards of care to our patients. Our facility and our team are equipped to deal with the many complex issues concerning addiction. We look forward to welcoming people to our clinic and onto the journey of recovery.

“It is never too late to make the decision to start on a new journey. It is heart-warming to see clients change once they have been to Steps Together Rehab. They leave in a positive state of mind.”

Client Testimonial:

“I walked in a scared, broken person and walked out confident with tools and coping mechanisms ready to begin a new chapter in my life.”

Helping you take steps to stop drinking.

Get in touch today to talk about options for you or someone you love [link to contact page]

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction to alcohol and are looking for help please speak to a member of the StepsTogether.Rehab team to talk about options for you or someone you love.

*Based on Google Adwords search volume in Nottinghamshire over last 12 months for the terms; am i an alcoholic, alcoholics anonymous, help with drinking, am i drinking too much, alcoholic signs, do i have a drinking problem, alcohol detox, alcohol rehab