Mandy – Bank House

My relationship with alcohol had progressively worsened with age but my relationship with food had been with me constantly since the age of 16.  I had self-medicated with alcohol to mask my bulimia.  I knew on entering rehab I had to seek help with my primary addiction.  Bank house appointed me an OA therapist, her name was Olivia.

On entering Bank House, it soon became apparent that I could not address my eating addiction but spoke to Olivia weekly whilst I was in there and for the first time, I felt a massive connection with her and was for once open and honest.  If there was ever a higher power this was mine.  The therapy for my alcohol addiction was second to none and gave me the tools to move forward in the outside world.

The doctor in there advised me that my medication for depression needed to be reviewed by my own doctor. This advice was a massive turning point for me, and I am finally clinically very well, after trying different combinations of antidepressants and now having an honest relationship with my own doctor.  I would not have done this without the advice from the doctor in rehab.

Olivia continued to be my therapist and I am emotionally and physically in a very good place and addressed my eating disorder head on.  I could never have achieved this without her being at Bank House for me to speak to.   I am working the 12 steps with her and will continue for the rest of my life to check in with her and know she will be a constant sounding board for me.

The time that I spent at Bank House was both informative and also made me realise I was not alone in my addiction.  They gave me the tools to live in sobriety, a therapist that has helped me regain my sense of self and a life worth living.  I work the AA program, have a sponsor.  I am feeling happy from the inside out and am living a life beyond my wildest expectations.