Bank House saved my life!

Derek, sober since January 2019

I am a sixty-year-old man, so no spring chicken. I have been an alcoholic for most of those years, without realizing it. Three years ago, a good friend gave me a good talking to, making me realize my problem, that is when I went to Bank house (Steps Together) And that is when my life changed, in fact that is where my new life began. From the moment I walked in (carried in) I was treated so well. I felt like life’s worse ever person, yet everybody treated me so kind. The treatment was the treatment, but the staff made all the difference. Cooks, cleaners, care assistances and all the professional staff were to me just like one big family, always got time to listen and always understood any issues I might have had. I did not work it out the first time and fell for the classic reasons of “I know Best, and I can control this” just as I had been warned about this. A year later I was back, none of the staff scorned me for my failure, in fact, gave me so much more love. I spent 6 weeks there this time over Christmas and New Year as I needed a safe haven. During this time, I got my life back and I am happy to say that know life is good for me. I do voluntary work at the hospital and help at a local drug and alcohol abuse group,

None of this would have been possible without the kindness, friendliness, and professionalism of all at Bank House. God Bless you all and keep up the good work that you gave not only to me, but so many others too. Many of who I still have contact with and are doing great.

All my love, Del Boy