Addiction to Prescription Drugs

Prescriptions for strong opioid painkillers have seen a sharp increase in the last decade from 12 to 24 million. (NHS Digital figures)

These include drugs such as codeine and tramadol.  More recently there has also been a sharp rise in addiction to pregabalin and gabapentin, known as “the new Valium, for chronic pain relief. One million Brits are being prescribed this medication. Opioids act on different parts of the brain and nervous system, which includes the spinal cord.

Darren Rolfe, CEO of Steps Together rehab, in Nottinghamshire, says that they have indeed seen an increase of clients coming to them with painkiller addiction. Our philosophy is to offer an evidence-based program that is focused on abstinence.

“There is help, and the team is made up of leading experts in the field of detox and recovery, and the treatments have shown fantastic outcomes. We use a range of counselling techniques, including group and one to one cognitive based therapy. Alongside, this there is a large focus on mindfulness and freshly prepared food during your stay, so looking at the well-being of the whole person. “

Help a loved one

For family members concerned about a loved one, intervention is often the first step to recovery. A caring family programme is proven to be the most successful and loving way to get a loved one on the road to recovery.

“I walked in a scared, broken person and walked out confident with tools, and coping mechanisms ready to begin a new chapter in my life” – M.G.

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