How to Stay Sober During the Christmas Festivities

With Christmas just around the corner and the festivities soon swinging into action, a little tipple is inevitable at this time of year – from Christmas parties and family gatherings to magical market trips with that special someone; December is packed with exciting events and reasons to celebrate. Whilst a glass here and there isn’t going to have major impacts on your health, it’s important to ensure you don’t get too merry this Christmas.

Ask yourself – do you binge drink? You are not supposed to regularly exceed 14 units of alcohol per week – that’s roughly six pints of lager or one and a half bottles of wine. These units are best spread over three or more days with alcohol free days between.

In England there are an estimated 589,101 dependent drinkers, yet only 20% of these people are receiving treatment. With around 24% of adults in England regularly exceeding the low-risk guidelines for consumption and the knowledge that alcohol is a casual factor in more than 60 medical conditions including various cancers, liver damage and depression, something needs to change.

There are plenty of ways to reduce your alcohol consumption this festive season, opt for a sparkling punch or mocktail instead of an alcoholic beverage or perhaps you could encourage guests to bring a bottle of something soft this year.

If you do struggle with how many units you consume, professional advice can help you on your journey to sobriety. Steps Together Rehab is a specialist alcohol and drug detox rehabilitation centre in Nottinghamshire dedicated to providing support for vulnerable, dependent drug and alcohol users. With a fantastic team of some of the UK’s most experienced counsellors and practitioners in addiction treatment, the facility deals with detox, rehabilitation and aftercare in a safe and understanding environment.

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