Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment near Lymm

Every person’s journey to recovery is different. Steps Together’s drug rehabilitation centre in Lymm, Cheshire, England can assist if you’re battling drug or alcohol addiction. Based on your needs, our professionally trained and experienced staff will develop a treatment strategy.

As a compassionate alcohol and drug addiction treatment centre near Lymm facility, we use a customised strategy that makes use of evidence-based therapy modules. We are committed to helping our customers find a lasting path to recovery and experience the benefits of living without drug dependency.

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There is no denying the fact that drug abuse is a global epidemic. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, you are undoubtedly experiencing a nightmare daily. We at Steps Together, do think that with constant care and therapy, an addict can get better.

To help people escape the grip of addiction, Steps Together is currently operating 5 drug and alcohol treatment centres in the United Kingdom. Steps Together employs cutting-edge rehabilitative technology that aims to address the issue at its root and offer a way forward for long-term success.

For last 17 years, Steps Together has been saving people who were believed to be lost to substance abuse. In Lymm, we take pleasure in being at the forefront of drug and alcohol therapy. Be certain that we offer the most up-to-date, thorough therapy, providing in-depth counselling and support for people going through rehabilitation.

We will be at your side at every stage of therapy if you need a safe, steady hand. When you visit one of our residential treatment facilities located around Lymm, Steps Together will help you at every step of the way.

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Out-patient Treatment

Programs for out-patient therapy are less strenuous ways to deal with addiction and emotional healing. Our out-patient treatment enables people to continue living their usual lives while getting therapy more covertly. Steps Together ensures educating the patients about the science behind addiction and mental health conditions. The purpose of out-patient treatment is to help people who are trying to stay sober, avoid relapsing, or who want to learn more about the phases of alcohol addiction and the steps to manage the emotional pressure that comes with abuse and addiction. Additionally, the out-patient recovery support groups provide patients with a chance to address any of their ongoing issues.

In-patient Treatment

For individuals with alcohol or substance addiction diagnosis, in-patient therapy offers the best in line recovery services. Once a person enrols in the in-patient alcohol and drug treatment program, they live in the centre and get specialised care and assistance round-the-clock. At Steps Together, the in-patient drug abuse treatment starts with our professionals trying to understand your unique circumstances. They assess your physical and mental health as well as the history of substance use to create a customised drug and alcohol recovery plan for you. The rehab team talks to your family members and seeks advice from any existing professional relationships to understand your requirements and problems in a better way.

Partial Hospitalisation

Individuals who are battling alcohol or drug addiction can get intense therapeutic care through a voluntary day treatment program called partial hospitalisation. To help you move towards sobriety, Steps Together’s Partial Hospitalisation Program offers several hours of treatment and therapy that include skill-building and behaviour modification. Patients who choose partial hospitalisation have the convenience of going home each night while still receiving supportive and private care.