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If you feel you have a drug or alcohol addiction problem and want to start living a healthy life, we at Steps Together Rehab have the perfect solution for you. Visit us at our drug rehabilitation centre in Bedford and our expert team will discuss your requirements and tailor a treatment plan accordingly.

We employ the best therapies, including counselling, detoxification and group therapy, to help you overcome your drug dependence and get back to leading a healthy life!

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Steps Together Rehab was established in 2017 to provide holistic treatment and care to drug and alcohol addicts. We currently offer our services from five rehab centres in the UK, with our primary centre in London. All our therapies, including clinical detoxification, are available at all our centres.

Our team works incessantly to ensure they meet the requirements of all our clients during their stay at our rehab centres. We will help you overcome your addiction and explore new ways of living on your road to recovery.

Call us at 0330 175 7031, and one of our experts will engage you in a warm and friendly conversation regarding your situation. Let us support you in finding the most beneficial care and treatment plan for your condition. groups.

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Long-lasting results

If you want easy and instant riddance from your drug or alcohol addiction, take a look at the treatment options offered by Steps Together Rehab. With us, you can avail of residential, outpatient or aftercare treatment. Our residential addiction care and treatment can be availed at any of our five rehab centres across the UK. Or, if you dislike hospital stays, opt for our outpatient treatment solutions, which are available at your doorstep.

Drug and alcohol addiction affects routine life. But with the proper counselling and efforts, it can be overcome. And that’s what we do at Steps Together Rehab. Our addiction treatment plans are carefully crafted to account for our patient’s emotional and physical well-being.

Inpatient treatment

Steps Together Rehab near Bedford offers clinical detoxification therapy in all its branches to help people effectively recover from alcohol and drug addiction. Our holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment while maintaining the highest standards set by the government’s Care Quality Commission makes it easier for patients to conquer their addiction.

Moreover, our various support groups empower recovery and maintain patient motivation throughout the treatment. We use a 12-step approach to offering self-help to patients, which includes the administration of different sensory and holistic therapies, such as art and music therapy.

We also have accountability partners to help patients take responsible steps towards recovery and avoid the cravings and behaviours that trigger drug and alcohol consumption.

Rated the best in Bedford, all of Steps Together Rehab’s drug and alcohol addiction centres across the UK are known for offering exclusive therapies and treatment services hard to find anywhere else.