Our commitment to sustainability

Steps Togethers commitment to sustainability has been a key focus. Our clients have been actively participating in planting herbs, vegetables, and salads, which are being used for our catering services at The Chestnuts in Leicester. The clients have found the process to be therapeutic and fulfilling, and have enjoyed taking some relaxing time out.

As a business, remaining sustainable with food is important for several reasons. Growing your own food is becoming increasingly important in a world where access to fresh, healthy and affordable food is challenging. It allows you to control what you eat, in terms of quality, health, nutrition, and sustainability. It also reduces carbon footprint by decreasing transportation, packaging, waste, and energy needed for production. Moreover, it fosters a deeper connection with our programme at Steps Together, it exposes them to nature, encourages physical activity, and it reduces our carbon footprint in the long run. Overall, growing own food has been a rewarding experience that promotes self-sufficiency, a healthier environment, and also community.


Pictured above are foods produced from The Chestnuts in Leicestershire. 

Steps Togethers commitment to sustainability has given our clients a sense of responsibility and ownership over what they eat, it promotes sustainable practices, and provides them access to fresh, nutrient-rich produce. The time our clients are spend outdoors and interacting with plants has also been beneficial for their mental health and stress reduction.