What Is The Impact Of Lockdown For Alcohol Addiction?

Recent exclusive research and statistics have shown that there has been an increase in people drinking more at home during this unprecedented time in the UK.

There has been an increase in admissions in private rehab centres during lockdown. Steps Together CEO Darren Rolfe and some of our ex-clients were interviewed by ITV news, in a recent documentary, covering the stresses of the pandemic and alcohol addiction.

Darren shares how private residential clinics have played a pivotal role during this time. He highlights the fact that a lot of the other community- based programmes have been shut down during this time, like the AA meetings.

How To Get Support

Providing care for those who suffer from alcohol addiction can be very difficult and strenuous to the carers. So getting professional care with years of experiences can make the process much easier and more effective.

It can be difficult to approach your loved one in an effort to discuss how to stop the addiction. However, with the help of professionals, an intervention can help them understand how their addiction is impacting not only their lives but their loved ones lives as well.

How Steps Together Rehab Can Help

Private residential rehabs have been crucial in helping people with alcohol addiction. This is why Steps together is passionate about helping our clients get past their addictions. We can help them from the first step of the recovery, with interventions, till the last stage of their recovery. We offer detox and rehab residential programmes from 1-12 weeks and provide them with expert care.

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