Clinical Detoxification

Your treatment in safe hands

Clinical Detoxification from alcohol or drugs is an essential part of Steps Together’s RESET approach to recovery. At Steps Together, we believe that clinical treatment and care maintain the highest standards and ensure that our clients receive the most comfortable and safe treatment experience for their individual needs.

Working closely with our regulators in the Care Quality Commission and Public Health England, we ensure this approach by:

  • Adhering strictly to the most up-to-date clinical evidence based practice from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), ensuring that our prescribing and treatment practices operate in line with the very best UK clinical guidance available.

  • Adapting, and tailoring every client’s individual treatment plan to ensure that it remains responsive to individual need and aligned to national best practice guidance; ensuring the most comfortable and responsive treatment response to every individual client during their detoxification phase of our care.

  • Maintaining regular training in new methods and techniques that support effective clinical treatment for a wide range of physical health conditions.

  • Employing a multi-disciplinary team of clinically trained staff to support and delivery the most effective treatments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – closely monitoring each client as they progress in their clinical treatment at Steps Together and adjusting their clinical plan to respond to changing physical health conditions.

  • Working closely with our pharmaceutical suppliers to ensure that we only purchase the most effective medications and supplements.

  • Ensuring every client receives a full medical review of their physical health by our resident general practitioner (GP) with special interest in addiction treatment on a weekly basis.