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Thank you for taking the first step to change your life by looking at this website. This is always the hardest and most scary step to take, but one of the most courageous steps you will ever take.

This is the start of your new life and you can be in total control of it, without an unhealthy relationship with alcohol or drugs. Our team are here every step of the way on your new and unique journey towards a healthier life and freedom from addiction.

Let’s get honest! … You are taking this step on our website today because you realise that your alcohol or drug use is now having an unhealthy impact on your life, and you want an extra bit of support to help you reset your life, and learn new ways of achieving your dreams free from addiction.

Addiction is not a moral failure, but a disease which Steps Together can help you with one step at a time. We offer a range of treatment and support services that can be tailored to your needs and ensure you gain the help you need. We have three stages of treatment and support.

, reframe and recover

Each of these foundations underpin our range of services to help you and your loved ones gain the freedom your deserve from addiction.

We believe we are Stronger Together, ensuring that we walk with you all on your journey to a life of freedom from addiction talk to a member of our expert advisory team today to find the best range of services for you and your family.

For Steps Together, there are no words in the English language that can be used to describe my gratitude for you all.

Ben, sober since January 2019

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Frequently asked questions

What do I get for my money?2021-09-17T15:46:21+00:00

Steps Together works hard to ensure you get the right treatment package for your needs, ensuring that your money is well spent on your future. We offer a range of programmes and services that help you do this in ALL our services

  • Our Re-set programmes offer you a range of clinical treatments and detoxification plans to help you STOP using drugs or alcohol without the unpleasant side-effects. We offer a range of residential or community clinical treatments and detox programmes, delivered by an expert clinical team that will help you achieve this safely.
  • Reframing your life is really important. This is the opportunity to stop and place a new framework around your lifestyle. Our expert therapists will help you do exactly this, ensuring that you can find new ways of securing a more stable and healthy lifestyle, free from your addiction.
  • Your Resettlement is key to the ongoing process of recovery. Our range of additional services* are designed to ensure you remain strong in your recovery and include counselling and therapy for you and your family. We offer a range of online, face to face and longer term residential packages of support for you.

Our programs have been carefully created to ensure that you receive the best care at all times. The programs involve both individual and group therapy sessions coupled with presentations, meetings, wellbeing, holistic therapies and aftercare. We will support and guide you by providing the right tools to connect you to the resources you will need for your ongoing recovery. No two days will be the same in treatment as we have many different therapy sessions on offer to all our clients. Our therapeutic day will begin at 9am and run through the day to 7pm, Monday to Sunday. We offer a range of therapies that can be found on our drug and alcohol pages.

How much does treatment cost?2021-09-17T15:46:21+00:00

Our treatment package costs are designed around your budget and your very own unique recovery goals.

Our professional team will ensure that your chosen programme is going to provide you with the best possible clinical care, alongside a therapy programme that will really help you change your life for many years to come. This can include community treatment packages, alongside our high quality residential treatment programmes.

We understand that everyone works hard for their money, and that investment in the right treatment programme for you, can be a difficult choice.

Our expert team are here to stand by your side and support you to make the right choices and find the right package for your needs. Ensuring we can treat you safely, and help you reset your life for the future.

“You are unique, and we want to help you stay that way and achieve your dreams!”

Can I bring my car to treatment?2021-09-17T15:46:21+00:00

Once you have taken the first step to get help with your addiction the next step is deciding which facility is best for you. Each facility has its own unique environment and offers different surroundings, activities and therapies for each centre. Once this has been chosen the next step is getting you into rehab. We do not allow clients to drive a car the facility but normally, a family member or friend would bring a client into treatment. If this isn’t possible, a taxi service or driver can be arranged for you wherever possible.

What support do you offer after treatment?2021-09-17T15:46:21+00:00

At Steps Together we know that aftercare services are an integral part of the recovery process to ensure a long- term sustainable recovery. This is why we offer numerous Aftercare Support Packages, which will give you the support meetings and network to help you maintain your sobriety.

Support packages we offer:

1-1 Counselling

Family Intervention

5, 4,3,2,1 Support Package

FREE Family Workshop

What are the age ranges of people who come into rehab?2021-09-17T15:46:21+00:00

It’s important for people to understand there is not just one face of addiction. The disease of addiction affects people of all ages, gender, races and social classes. There are stigmas associated with people suffering with addiction and going to rehab, which could hinder people from getting the right help.

How do I pay for treatment?2021-09-17T15:57:13+00:00

There are a number of ways you can pay for your treatment, you can either pay via BACs, cash or debit/credit card. All major credit cards are accepted. For program prices please get in touch.

A deposit is required before entering treatment and the full balance will be made upon arrival.

Will I be able to leave the facility unattended?2021-09-17T15:46:21+00:00

We are a residential rehab which means in terms of environment, residential is a more comfortable, home-like setting. When leaving the facility you will be accompanied by at least one member of staff or senior peer when off site.

What items do I need to bring with me into treatment?2022-08-16T14:27:15+00:00

It can be daunting coming into rehab and things can easily be missed when packing your suitcase, many clients come in a time of crisis and are in need of help. To help with this in selected rehabs we facilitate a shop run once a week. Clients are also able to order items online for delivery, the order will be checked with a member of staff upon arrival.

Please see below a list of suggested items you may want to bring with you into treatment.

Suggested items to pack:

  • Gym attire
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Laptop / Phone
  • Cigarettes/ vape
  • Family photos
  • Liver function test (if you have them)
  • Repeat medications from your GP, any prescribed medication must be brought in its original box, please ensure you bring enough for your treatment stay
Is the facility staffed 24 hours a day?2021-09-17T15:46:21+00:00

The premises are staffed 24 hours a day and all of our facilities operate CCTV throughout.

Will I receive a refund if I decide to leave treatment early?2021-09-17T15:46:21+00:00

In the event of you leaving before the end of your agreed discharge date or, if you’re discharged at the discretion of the company due to a break of treatment contract terms, the purchaser will not be eligible for any refund on the balance of bed nights not completed.

Will I have to share a bedroom/ bathroom?2021-09-17T15:46:21+00:00

At Steps Together, we understand that the cost of treatment could be a barrier for many families, therefore at some our facilities we have designed to offer places at a reduced priced in a shared bedroom. These have been designed to enable a more affordable treatment price and work hard to ensure that we match the right people to the right shared bedroom/bathroom. We also have other facilities which are designed to provide you with the sanctuary and privacy you require during your stay with us and are all single occupancy (no sharing)

Can my family/friends visit?2022-05-27T10:06:43+00:00

Visits may be considered for any stays longer than 28 nights. Routine drug and alcohol tests are conducted upon return.

*Days vary for each facility

I have food allergies / religious dietary requirements, can they be catered for?2021-09-17T15:46:21+00:00

If you let the admissions team know what you require before your arrival we can cater for all food allergies and dietary requirement needs. The use of protein shakes, weight gain supplements or vitamin supplements are not routinely permitted without prior authorisation from the clinical team.

Can I bring my phone or laptop?2021-09-17T15:46:21+00:00

You are more than welcome to bring your devices. There will be certain times throughout the day you will be able to use your device but will be restricted from using them whilst groups and activities are being held. Game consoles are not allowed.

How long does a detox take?2021-09-17T15:46:21+00:00

The process of a detox varies and could take anywhere from a few days to several months. How long a detox takes depends on what the substance is, if multiple substances were used, how often the substance has been taken, how much was taken, medical history and also age. Detox varies from person to person and will be assessed by a clinical practitioner before arrival.

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