Edward – The Chestnuts

As a Boy/Man I grew up in a fairly materialistic background yet found life on life’s terms hard to deal with, not being taught how to cope with certain sensations and feelings throughout my formulative years alas turning to alcohol and drugs to ‘get by’ as I saw it, and in the end it became a matter of survival and I ended up a cynical/hopeless/suicidal 27 year old confused and bewildered on how to self regulate or make sense of just how I was consistently going wrong.

Steps Together gave me certain life tools/skills that will forever stay with me born from the environment that Steps give. Every single staff member there gave me what, only now I know most a curious ear to listen too and genuine interest in untangling what exactly what was going on with me. Without the intervention of Steps Together I am 90 percent sure I would not be here gratefully writing this message.