Correen- Family Member

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you have done for my son, no words are enough to explain the impact you (& Steps Together) have had on our lives in such a short space of time. I, for one, never knew there was this level of love or support out there for individuals suffering with addiction. I really hope that this is a new beginning of an amazing journey for our family and that we continue to grow alongside our son. We look forward to working with you guys in the future.

On a separate note, yesterday, at the graduation I really wanted to find the strength to say a few words, not just about my son but for each and every person in that room for being there. It takes real strength & courage to be part of that journey and I wanted to thank them all for being such lovely housemates to him. Unfortunately my emotions just get the better of me (in fact both of us), as I’m sure you could tell we have waited such a long time for this to come – we thought it would never happen!

See you soon….love to everyone!