Stafford Alcohol & Drug Rehab

We know just how difficult it is to get help for any type of addiction. But here at Steps Together Rehab, we’re here to help anyone who needs it. Our whole team works hard to get you or your loved ones on the journey to recovery, helping out however they can. From intervention to teaching skills needed for long term recovery, we’re right there with you.

Attending a rehab centre in Stafford may feel overwhelming, especially if you are from the local area. You might still have access to your addiction or you might be in the environment where it all started. Our discrete Steps Together Rehab centres are the perfect place to get away from your addiction and get your life back on track, with a tranquil countryside Leicestershire location and a modern Nottinghamshire facility.

How we work

Both of our clinics offer expert programmes, perfect if you’re looking for Stafford rehab or detox. Our centres are the ideal place to start the journey to recovery. We encourage all clients to get involved, creating a friendly and exciting atmosphere of learning and building relationships. Steps Together Rehab is the ideal place to kick any addiction and get your life back.

Our whole team is dedicated to our clients’ health. We work to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing at all times, as well as keeping them feeling comfy and safe. Throughout the day, clients and staff members mingle in communal areas. And everyone sits down to eat meals together, all freshly prepared by our in-house chefs.

Our rehab clinics

Our Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire clinics are the perfect alternative to Stafford rehab. Trained specialists run both locations with the aim of positively changing our clients’ lives.

We offer a number of services, ranging from alcohol rehab to drug detox, and offer a number of ways of tackling addiction. Every single programme is bespoke to each individual’s needs in order to beat addiction in the most effective way and guarantee long-term recovery. Both locations offer around the clock dedicated support as safety and comfort are our priorities.

Rooms at our Steps Together clinics are comfortable and modern, fully equipped with smart TVs and WiFi too. For added privacy, there are some rooms with en-suites available. Both locations are highly accessible too, with plenty of wheelchair access and extra facilities for anyone with mobility needs.

How we help

Our holistic approach to addiction treatment allows us to address every issue, making our services successful. Trained therapists use a mixture of proven therapies, like one-to-one Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and group sessions, to overcome addiction effectively. We work tirelessly to get to the root of the problem, then we teach you or your loved one the skills and tools needed to cope with long-term sobriety.

Physical health is another main focus of ours during any programme. Both centres offer access to external gyms so everyone can keep active during their time with us. Nutrition is important too, with our in-house chefs preparing delicious meals tailored to meet everyone’s nutritional needs. We also use a combination of meditation, mindfulness and other therapies to ensure mental wellbeing for all.

The family and friends of someone with an addiction are often hurt too. We do what we can to offer support and guidance to families during this tough time. You’re kept in the know through every step of the process, explaining what’s going on and why. We teach coping strategies and help to put in place healthy boundaries so friends and families can heal too.

Come to Steps Together Leicestershire or Nottinghamshire for the perfect alternative to Stafford rehab. From Stafford, our modern Sutton-in-Ashfield Nottinghamshire clinic is just over an hour’s drive away, and our countryside Arnesby Village in Leicestershire is just under one hour 30 minutes in the car. Contact us now to regain control of your life and beat any addiction. Get in touch on 0330 175 7031 or fill out our contact form for a judgement-free, confidential chat about our services.

Learn more about Steps Together Rehab’s Arnesby facility in the short video below.

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