Mansfield Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Our team at StepsTogether Rehab understand that it takes a great deal of strength to reach out for help with drug or alcohol addiction. We are here to provide the dedicated support needed to guide you or your loved one through the rehabilitation progress and provide you or them with the skills needed to overcome addiction.

We are located very near to Mansfield and welcome patients from a wide surrounding area. Our facility is in the heart of Sutton-in-Ashfield that is very close to the A38 which connects to Mansfield. Many of our patients travel from Mansfield and areas around Nottinghamshire to our tranquil facility. We take a holistic approach to rehabilitation, and our caring staff are expertly trained to help you or your loved one throughout the treatment process.

Call us for a free consultation on our 24/7 helpline, and discover how we can work with you or your loved one make a fresh start without drugs or alcohol.

Why StepsTogether Rehab?

We believe that everyone is different with very different situations. We create rehabilitation programmes that are tailored to individual needs, to ensure that every patient receives the right combination of therapies that are best for them.

With the guidance of our specialist staff, you or your loved one will learn the skills and tools needed to beat addiction and live a fulfilling life.

Our facilities are designed to accommodate all needs in a relaxing environment. Our chef prepares high-quality meals that serve the needs of all types of dietaries and tastes.

Part of our recovery techniques is ensuring that you or a loved one has a healthy mind and body. We have experts that offer well-being treatments such as meditation, mindfulness and qigong. We also full access to the gym so that our patients can work on fitness, which can be a great way to channel towards something.


The addiction recovery process

A simple phone call can start the recovery process. Our caring members of staff will be available straight away to listen without any judgement. They will be able to provide advice, and talk you through the next steps to take to get help.


It can take a lot of courage to seek help and can be equally as hard to confront a loved one about needing help. If you are seeking help on behalf of a loved one, our specialist team will be able to set up a non-confrontational intervention to try and encourage them to seek professional help.

We have experts here who can carry an intervention out in a non confrontational and professional friendly manner. Through an intervention, we can show your loved one how their addiction is negatively affecting them and the people who care about them.


The next essential step is the detox process. Once you or a loved one has agreed to undergo treatment, the next step is to flush out the body of drugs or alcohol. This is an essential step as it cleanses the body leaving patients ready to progress to the next stages of recovery.

Although there may be some discomfort during this short period, our expert staff will provide around the clock supervision to ensure the process goes safely and smoothly.


Once the detox is complete, patients can begin attending therapy sessions conducted by professional therapists. We combine a number of effective therapies, organised into either one-to-one or group sessions, to give you or your loved one the chance to build a network of continued support.

Our professional therapy sessions gives you or loved ones the opportunity to talk about their experiences in a safe environment that is free of judgement.


At our Sutton-in-Ashfield facility, we treat many patients who have chosen to travel from Mansfield and the surrounding area. One of our patients Derek shared his experience at StepsTogether Rehab.

“I remember through a haze arriving, terrified and scared and was met by Darren who was kind and supportive, he said these will be the best and fastest ten days of your life. I wasn’t convinced but he was right.

From the moment I arrived the wonderful staff were kind, supportive and most of all non-judgemental which was a theme that helped me through my journey. My room was more than comfortable it was “luxury” and I had only opted for the basic own room option. Deb the housekeeper kept it spotless throughout my stay and couldn’t do enough for me.

Nobody judges you and all the amazing staff just want to help and support you. I made some wonderful friends, who I know will be lifelong friends, as we started our journey of recovery together. We shared stories, tears but most of all we laughed together and had fun. If you embrace, participate and most importantly be honest you will walk out the confident person that I did.”


We have an extensive team full of caring experts at StepsTogether Rehab. However, we do understand that you may not be ready to commit to a full rehabilitation programme. Alternatively, there are local support groups available in your local Mansfield area.

Alcoholics Anonymous Mansfield meetings:

Mansfield As Bill Sees It Saturday
Double Impact 18-19 St John Street
Time: 19:45

Mansfield Newcomers Monday
Friends Meeting House, Rosemary St
Time: 19:30

Mansfield Thursday
Double Impact 18-19 St John Street
Time: 20:00

Mansfield Friday
Friends Meeting House, Rosemary St
Time: 19:30

All meeting days, times and venues were correct at time of publication. For a full list of meetings in the Mansfield area, please visit the alcoholics anonymous website.

Narcotics Anonymous Mansfield Meetings:

Mansfield Thursday
Double Impact 18-19 St John Street
Time: 19:45

Chesterfield Monday
Hope Springs Recovery Centre
Time: 19:30

All meeting days, times and venues were correct at time of publication. For a full list of meetings in the Mansfield area, please visit the Narcotic Anonymous website.

Get Help For Yourself Or A Loved One

Facing a drug or alcohol addiction can seem overwhelming and difficult for yourself and loved ones, but at StepsTogether Rehab, we ensure that no one has to face the battle against addiction alone.

Discover how we can help you or a loved one overcome addiction. Contact us by calling our 24/7 helpline on 0330 175 7031 to arrange a consultation, or fill out or contact form, and find out how you or your loved one can begin the journey to recovery.

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